Broadhollow Theater at the Bayway Arts Center is holding auditions for " Damn Yankees" on Saturday, January 12th at 10:30a.m. and Sunday, January 13th at 11:00a.m. at the Bayway Arts Center, located at 265 E Main St, East Islip, NY 11730.
Performance Dates:
Bayway - February 9 to February 24
Elmont - March 9 to March 31
Audition Requirements:
Please bring Headshot and resume, 16 bars from songs in style of show  or show itself, be prepared to dance. If unavailable to attend please email staff at
Character Breakdown:  (following roles are open)
Applegate (35 - 60): humorous, cynical devil, skilled actor, great timing, character baritone.
Joe Boyd (50 - 65): (later called Joe Hardy): A middle-aged baseball fanatic, Joe would do anything to help his beloved Washington Senators take the pennant, including selling his soul.
Joe Hardy (18 - 28): Respectful, athletic, young, clean-cut, all-American type, excellent singer, baritone.
Lola (25 - 35): Ultimate seductress, works for Applegate, excellent dancer, singer, actress, belt range.
Gloria (25 - 35): Feisty young reporter, strong belt voice, dance ability.
Van Buren (35 - 60): The hard-working manager of the Washington Senators with great heart but no luck, must sing well, baritone.
Rocky, Smokey, Vernon (18 - 40): Baseball players for the Washington Senators, must sing harmony and move well (Featured in the number "Heart"), good sense of comedy.
Doris (35 - 65): Strong character actress, any size or ethnicity, great comedic timing, silly and funny, Meg’s best friend.  Alto.
Sister (30 -70): Strong character actress, any size or ethnicity, great comedic timing, Mezzo.
Eddie (25-35): Excellent dancer capable of executing Fosse choreography.  Featured in the number “Who’s Got The Pain” with Lola.  This actor can double in other roles if desired.
Other featured players for the Washington Senators: (Sohovik, Linville, Henry, Bryan, Bouley, Lowe, Mickey) Must sing well. Movement a plus.
Mr. Welch (40 - 65): Owner of The Washington Senators, hard, enthusiastic, wealthy, high-strung (Non-singer okay).
The Commissioner (50 - 80): Male, fun-loving alcoholic, strong character actor (Non-singer okay).
Broadhollow is casting The Freedom Train for its educational program.  Morning availability a must (Feb 1 through March 15).  Five African American actors ( 3 male, 2 female) and two caucasian actors ( male),  Per show stipend.  Please contact Marian Waller at
BroadHollow is seeking actors for the roles listed below for an upcoming production of A Chorus Line.  Performance dates are March 2 - March 17 in East Islip and April 6 - April 20 in Elmont.  Please email Dana McDonald at for further information.  Roles open are:

Zach: Male. The director and choreographer of the show for which the dancers are auditioning. He is a stage veteran and thus can be curt and harsh, but he is revealed to be a caring and empathetic man who truly grows to care about these dancers. Non-singing, but should have movement ability, as he demonstrates a few dance moves. Should read late 20's/early 30’s).

Larry: Male. Tenor. Zach’s assistant who teaches and demonstrates the audition dances. Needs to be an incredible dancer, as he is the standard to which all of the auditioning dancers are held. Should read 25+.

Mike Costa: Male. Tenor. Quite aggressive, determined, cocky, sure of himself, but likeable. Tap dancer who worked with Zach before. Experienced; flirtatious. From New Jersey. Should read 20-30.

Richie Walters: Male. Tenor. From Missouri. African-American; strong dancer, enthusiastic, cool and very funny. Likeable and laid back.